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Are you buying a house built before 2000? Are you looking for trusted asbestos surveyors for Asbestos Pre-Purchase Surveys? With a wealth of experience throughout the asbestos industry, our consultants offer all asbestos surveys throughout London, Surrey, and the South East.

Asbestos was widely used throughout the construction industry before 2000. Therefore, if you are buying a property built before this time, the chances are that it could contain asbestos. Therefore, our Asbestos Pre-Purchase Surveys offer an important safety tool to ensure that any property you are buying is safe from the risks associated with asbestos.

Whilst Domestic Asbestos Pre-Purchase Surveys are not a legal requirement, we highly recommend that you consider this survey as part of your property surveying. This type of survey is non-intrusive and the same as an Asbestos Management Survey. Unlike an Asbestos Refurbishment & Demolition Survey, this type of survey is not fully intrusive, but this will not be possible when you do not own the property. Therefore, it is still possible that there may be asbestos present in the fabric of the building.

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We can carry out asbestos surveys on all residential and commercial properties of all sizes.


Our experienced asbestos surveyors can advise on all asbestos surveys, sampling, or removals.


Our comprehensive surveys are transparent and provide detailed communication and photographs.

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What happens during an Asbestos Pre-Purchase Survey?

An Asbestos Pre-Purchase Survey is based on an Asbestos Management Survey. It aims to identify any ACMs that could be damaged through normal use. It involves a normal, detailed visual inspection, extensive knowledge of construction, and taking some samples for analysis in a UKAS-accredited laboratory.

This survey is non-intrusive, and there is no damage to the property. Only when any potential buyer buys a property can a Refurbishment & Demolition Survey take place if needed.

Our experienced surveyors will identify and record the location, extent and condition of any ACMs and make recommendations regarding future actions that might need to be taken to reduce the risk of asbestos exposure.

Commercial Asbestos Pre-Purchase Surveys

If you own or manage a commercial property or are looking to buy one, you are responsible for any asbestos. Our asbestos surveyors can examine a commercial building and identify ACMs. Whilst the fibres are invisible to the naked eye, our surveyors are knowledgeable about the types of materials that may have asbestos in them, such as roofing materials and textured coatings.

If you are considering selling an asbestos survey at some point in the future, it makes sense to have a survey completed. In addition, any asbestos survey and management plan showing careful asbestos management processes and strategies will make your property more appealing.

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